Project Title: 800 Pavilion Drive, Northampton
Client: ING Real Estate
Project Manager/Designer: CB Richard Ellis
Project Value: £170,000

Scope of Works:

– Refurbishment project
– Langley Paracoat Liquid System
– Tricky detailing beneath low level plant and M & E

This contract proved to be an extremely challenging one to say the least. The existing roof is made of concrete deck, expanded polystyrene and Sarnafil single ply membrane. The construction is complicated by the fact that the single ply is held in place by paving slabs on supports. Either after construction or over the years beyond, the flat roof area has been overcrowded with AHU’s, chillers, condensers and many other pieces of M & E. The flat roof is surrounded by slated pitched roofs, which adds to the difficulty regarding interface detailing.

At pre-tender stage ice Roofing was invited by CB Richard Ellis to advise on the problems associated with the building. The top floors were suffering from multiple areas of water ingress, causing distress and problems to the tenants. Given the nature of the original specification and the amount of M & E and penetrations through the roof, our experienced team advised that a Liquid Coating system would be the only solution in order to solve the problems. The clients project manager and contract administrator decided to take the advice and tendered on this basis.

After successfully tendering for the project, ice Roofing set to task on the 12 week programme. Due to the level of solvents associated with polyurethane liquids, the areas closest to the air intakes had to be completed out of normal working hours which added to the strain of an already challenging contract. Some of the chillers and M & E sat no more than 12 to 15 inches off the roof deck, this meant that we had to take great consideration to health and safety. Suitable equipment including harness and lanyards where utilised to ensure these tricky areas where dealt with in the safest manner possible. Each paving slab had to be temporarily removed to allow the existing single ply to be prepared properly, prior to the application of the new liquid system. Once the two coat system had cured sufficiently, the paving slabs where reinstated on new protective fleece and supports.

Although the contract was extremely challenging we managed to complete the works a week ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the clients Project Manager.