R25 Heavy Duty Lab reroofing and cladding

Rope Access

Certain projects can present major headaches in relation to access. When the cost of scaffolding a project is disproportionate to the actual works required, this can become very frustrating to the end user client.

Rope access is an extremely cost effective solution to these scenarios. Expensive scaffold systems and MEWP’s can be avoided whilst the environmental impact is reduced too.

One factor which is very important with this area is the need for skilled operatives. Unfortunately many companies have skilled rope access technicians who sell themselves as tradesmen. Ice Roofing on the other hand have skilled operatives who have been trained in rope access.

Here is a list of our Rope Access Services:

  • Screening and Protection (Monoflex)
  • Cold Applied Liquid
  • High Level Surveying
  • General Building Works
  • Window Cleaning