Cold Applied Liquid

Liquid Coatings have evolved into extremely attractive solutions for a multitude of different roof scenarios. The mere flexible nature of the product makes it the first and sometimes only choice for complex roofs. The fact that the product is seamless, with no joints, also provides plenty of attraction for clients whilst also offering a structural waterproofing option for new build.

Liquid Coatings are extremely beneficial on the environmental front. As the system is designed to ‘chalk down’ over time the guarantee period can be extended by means of applying an extra coat. At the end of the guarantee the roof can then simply be primed before an additional coat of the product is installed. This will then extend the guarantee up to 10 years, whilst at the same time reduce the environmental impact by eliminating stripped waste to landfill.

Due to the flexible nature of the product, it can be applied as an overlay or built up system incorporating insulation. This process allows it to be applied to virtually any substrate including asphalt, felt, single ply, asbestos sheets and steel. They are also available for walls and floors and can provide solutions for hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals and food factories.

Ice Roofing & Cladding has extensive experience within this field and we are able to offer advice and accurate budget costs to assist your project.

Benefits of using Liquid Coatings:

  • Cold applied system (no heat except for drying off roof)
  • Seamless waterproofing – no joints or laps
  • Structural waterproofing – forms part of the structure when used over concrete decks
  • Fast curing MMA liquid solutions ideal for balconies and repairs
  • Excellent option for complex roofs
  • Warm roof options available